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Crypto Raised The
Bar In The PLR Licensing Industry!

This cutting-edge token will be used to license
digital info-products as cryptographic NFTs!

Hurry up to join the limited PLRT tokens sale


What is PLRT?

PLRT stands for Private Label Rights Token and is a Cryptographic Currency just like BNB or Ether which are based on the ERC20 Token Standard.

Deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, the Token acts as a vehicle of long-term investment for content producers in the PLR industry as well as being fully leveraged as the utility token for our first of its kind hybrid encryption protected PLR/NFT minting platform.

What are private label rights?

A digital product (usually an e-book or video course) with Private Label Rights means you can take the product, edit the contents and brand yourself as the author, then resell the product as your own.

You can do almost anything you want with it (subject to the rules set by the PLR license). We decided to tokenize PLR licenses and raise the bar by making them truly limited and fully trackable!

What is a token?

Cryptocurrency tokens represent an asset that resides on the blockchain. Tokens can be used to represent stake in the company for investors and they can also be used as a unit of value within a specific ecosystem (like this one).

There are countless other uses for crypto tokens and you are urged to research that but for the sake of time we will stick to what the Private Label Rights Token will be used for.

What is an NFT?

Simply put… NFTs are non-fungible tokens that represent ownership of specific items. In this case they will represent the specific owner of a PLR license and the PLR product that is cryptographically locked within.

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Why hold PLRT?

PLRT is a utility token for a unique platform that mints “Truly Limited” PLR licenses on the blockchain using ultramodern NFT technology!

This innovative method not only maintains the value of the licensed material by cryptographically protecting it but also brings long term gains for PLR/NFT holders who are rewarded a small % from all transactions across the platform over time.

First in the market

FIRST token of its kind with a use case that will rock the PLR content industry

Earn Rewards

Earn % rewards on every sale just for holding PLR NFTs in your web3 crypto wallet

Active trading market

Active trading market for both PLR content producers & customers alike

Existing marketplace

PLRToken and PLR NFTs add a genius approach to an already thriving marketplace

Doxxed Team

DOXXED team dedicated to improving the PLR industry by using cryptographic technology

Burn Policy

Burn policy promotes organic price growth with strategic token burns over time

NFT Giveaways

Monthly NFT giveaways – free entry for PLRT token holders and PLR NFT holders

Discount Rewards

The minting platform will award customers with significant discounts just for using PLRT

Token details

Token Name
Private Label
Rights Token
Token Allocation
Hurry up to join the limited PLRT tokens sale
Total Supply
One Hundred Million PLRT Tokens


Phase 1

Team creation

Unveiling of logo & design

Website launch

Creation of social channels

Phase 2

Creation of the official whitepaper

Design of an adaptable Smart contract

Development and release of marketing strategy

Commencement of token presale

Phase 3

Start Platform Development

Creation of platform branding and design

Establishment of guidelines for PLR vendor listings

Establishment of guidelines for customers

Phase 4

Initiate multiple audits

CoinMarketCap listing

CoinGecko listing

Collaborations with Larger Exchanges

The Team

The PLR Token has the backing of a dedicated team of designers, developers, online marketers, and writers, as well as a handful of moderators whose primary role is to answer questions and keep everyone informed and up to date via social media and other platforms.

Robert Bolgar, Founder, PLR expert
Robert Bolgar
Founder, PLR expert
Zelimkhan Khalidov, CTO
Zelimkhan Khalidov
Web Developer
Stuart  Hoskin, Lead Web3 Developer
Stuart Hoskin
Lead Web3 Developer
Ruslan Doltz, Head of Design
Ruslan Doltz
Head of Design


In a nutshell, what is $PLRT?
$PLRT is a utility token designed to transform digital info-products with a PLR license into fully trackable, truly limited NFTs.
How can I use the $PLRT token?
$PLRT will be primarily used to buy & sell premium PLR content on our specifically designed NFT minting platform that cryptographically protects the content.
How can I buy $PLRT right now?
Through whitelisted private sale and presale for now. $PLRT will also be available on reputable exchanges in the near future.
Is there strong chart potential for the $PLRT token?
Since we are transitioning an EXISTING niche market to the Crypto space, natural organic growth is fully expected!